Rockworth House

Rockworth House


In 1999, when we discovered the houses of Glencoe Mill Village, we did not so much discover a collection of vacated houses as we discovered a place teeming with a collection of past events. Events floating through the air around us, at once both visible and as illusive as floating bubbles.

To date we have discovered no traceable personal ties to the Village, so it is difficult to explain how, when we came around the bend on River Road and made our way on foot up the narrow path that was once "Back Street", we knew we had come home.

Practically speaking, there were seven long years ahead of us before we could wisely and prudently consider undertaking the restoration of one of these houses. But, practicality has never been our strong suite, and so the wheels were set in motion whereby we became the first owner occupants of a 120 year old house. Yes, the first owners who would live in this house sitting proudly on the top of the hill, shoulders thrown back and head held high, in spite of its' rusty roof and weathered exterior.  A house that would by time and circumstance become known to us as Rockworth House.

Our house is located in charming Glencoe Mill Village, situated along the Haw River in beautiful North Alamance County, North Carolina.  The Glencoe village is a historic preservation project of an 1880s cotton mill and village, including a mill complex, 32 houses, the mill store, office, lodge and other associated buildings.



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Rockworth House
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